Everything You Ever Wanted To Learn About Basic Rigging Training

Rigging consists of managing different ropes, cables and chain used for sailing. It is the backbone of a sailing if not done right could spoil the whole voyage. To ensure everything is done correctly we must first be sure with the fact that the employee first of all knows all about the health and safety. The basic rigging training includes planning of placement of plants, steel erection, particular hoisting, ensuring safety nets and static lines, premier safety screens and shutters, cantilevered plane to load platforms, lifting etc. After learning all these things, you would be certified at doing. There should be us of chain block where necessary as they are used for lifts. 

Knowledge of terminologies

With the training program you get to know a whole of this process with steps and our professionals who have been working in the industry for more than 10 years give you hand on training, assisting you throughout the whole course. The theory as well as the practical should both be paid attention upon including the health and safety. Each employee must take reasonable responsibilities of their health and safety. Hence those terminology are important in basic rigging training course in Sydney.


The maintenance procedure of this whole process is the most important and for most accidents or injuries it is the reason of ignorance of maintenance department. A check and error session will be taught to you where it would be insured that regardless of any thing that happens you must always take the maintenance of rig seriously.


There is a particular way everything works, don’t try to use your own sense into things. Follow directions while you are still learning, timing is the most important thing. We make sure that our trainees are working accordingly. You are going to find our crew to be the most discipled from all that you have yet seen.


Safety procedures are one thing that you wouldn’t go to work without reading. This work is a really professional and a minor might even cause real life crisis. No wonder people are so highly paid and make so much. To ensure safety, always make sure you go through the list of do and don’t s for the given tasks as well since there is a quote, prevention is better than cure’

We make sure you are fit for any job at rig therefore our course provides the best of both worlds at considerably low rates. You would also be trained to handle all sort of material that is to be used for rigging. You would have knowledge of fore stay and back stay. You would get the very best of knowledge from our experts. Our services are the best they include the whole package since most course take up training fee and material fee individual, but our fee structure is different. We already are faced with materials in bulk and no students gets off without training period. Theory and practical classes are combined to achieve the goal of our company that is there is no education without experience.

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